Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bite of the Mango

Bite of the Mango is about the war in Sierra Leone, The terrible civil war that left many dead, and disabled. The rebels would cut of the hands of anyone that disobeyed so they couldn't vote. This book follows the story of Mariatu, a 12 year old girl who is now permanently effected by the rebels. Mariatu is now without hands, she is without one of the most important appendages in the human anatomy. When you think about it you do almost everything with your hands. This book was a interesting read but I enjoyed it. It really shows how different and easier your life is than someone elses.. This book is a true story, it is partially written by Mariatu herself. Mariatu is now working with the United Nations.
This book was inspiring for me because Mariatu struggled though all these bad things and she made it through which shows complete strength and that we can do that to.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

War Brothers

War Brothers is a sad but interesting novel for a person interested in history. If you don't like reading books that have a dark deep meaning I would not recommend this book. It deals with the very sad story of the Uganda child solders. They were abused and not fed. These child live with such permanent terror forever embedded in their lives. These children will have panic or anxiety attacks until they die. They have to live with the memories of pain and being scared out of their minds. THESE children...they are CHILDREN have experiences that we will most likely never have too deal with. They were FORCED to kill in order to be fed. And the chances of survival once escape were dismal. This book follows the story of Jacob a fortunate boy from a village in Uganda, who gets captured from his supposed secure school. This is his story.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The short second life of Bree Tanner, a short novel off of eclipse,and another book by Stephanie Meyer is based on the (short) life of Bree tanner one of the vampires in the newborn army featured in eclipse. Bree is the screaming vampire who the Cullens offer to take care of but in the end the Volturi destroy her.

But this is before all that took place. This is Victoria's army, led by Felix. How the newborns are created, raised and discover there gifts if they posses them.
The story is intertwined with a love story and the twilight saga we all love.

A book I would recommend to all Twihards.